Starken AAC Render is recommended for external rendering of an external wall, it can also be applied to AAC block wall where a thicker plastering is needed such as wall thickening for tiling purpose.


Technical Data

Packaging 40kg bag
Colour Grey
Mixing Ratio 7 - 8 litres water / 40kg bag
Pot Life 1 hours
Coat Thickness 10 - 12 minutes
Coverage Approx. 1.6kg / m2 / mm thickness 2.5m2 / 40kg bag at 10mm thickness
Binder OPC / Hydrated lime
Max Agressive Size Graded sand 2.5mm max
Additives Water soluble additives to improve workability, water retention, durability and adhesion.
Fire Hazard Non-flammable
Toxicity Nil

Note : Actual coverage may vary depending on the straightness of the block wall.