Starken AAC is a sustainable material and contained up to 20% of recycled materials. It provides long life span and is also recyclable, making it an exceptionally green building material.


Starken AAC products are manufactured in standard sizes for ease of installation and compliance to Industrialised Building System (IBS) requirement.

Manufacturing & Delivery

Starken AAC production incorporates recycled material and employs strict waste minimization scheme while the transport fleets use less fuel (energy) to deliver goods to job sites.


Starken AAC products have better dimensional tolerances, can be cut easily and accurately. Consequently, superior finishing on completed walls meeting CIDB’s QLASSIC requirement can be achieved. Available in sizes larger than conventional bricks/ blocks, Starken AAC products can be erected up to 3 times faster than brick wall.


Starken AAC products are not only lightweight technology but also provide high-performance features such as thermal comfort, energy saving, high-impact, water & fire resistance.

End of Life

Starken AAC blocks are fully applicable for recycling to create new construction materials. Building made of AAC can be altered easily according to specifications to avoid the hassle of demolishing & rebuilding.