With our excellent quality, strong system solutions and innovative processes, Starken is the preferred and reliable Lightweight AAC partner of property developers and government investment projects. Our notable impacts to the property projects and public facilities are as follows:

Brand Reputation Building

Through our advanced German green energy-saving technologies, we make buildings safer, more comfortable, more energy-efficient and more durable. These bring higher value and increased brand reputation to the property projects effectively. These also help reflect sustainable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient public buildings for government investments.

Safety & Energy Efficiency

Starken’s products are reliable when it comes to safety and durability as its green building materials are high-quality with excellent insulation and energy efficiency capabilities.

Dependable Performance

With our commitment to build reliability and partnership, we established well-equipped and experienced manufacturing logistics system for a secure high volume, multi-specifications and tight-duration project.

Investment Cost Reduction

With Starken’s advance effective formulation process of light quality characteristics (80% lighter than concrete), the cost of construction beams, columns, foundation structure is reduced. While it speeds up and eases installation that results in cost savings, the construction of cash flow acceleration and the chance of return on investment increase.

Team of Building Industry Professionals

Our Starken team with strong building industry experience is capable of delivering standard to customised job scopes which are consulting, design, computing, development, drawing, construction training, engineering subcontractor and acceptance co-ordination.

Starken is also the preferred partner for professional architects and structural engineers due to its design flexibility, practicality, innovation, range and high quality. Our partnership with architects includes the following services:

Technical Advice

We offer well-planned professional advice that covers diverse system solutions, technical performance data and cost estimates for the building wall design and applicability with extensive product range.

Strong Design Support

Our professional design services team provides services to make the design work effectively and more conveniently. Our support extends from design, quantity analysis, engineering calculations, CAD layout, node mapping to the site design changes, a full range of reference design, technical regulations.

Collaborative Innovation

We also make sure that our collaboration with innovative building designers empowers them to bring their imaginative blueprint into an excellent reality through our strong product and R & D solutions.

Starken is the ideal support for engineering contractors as it helps to make construction projects achievable, faster and cost-efficient through saving on labour and material costs. Starken offers reliable performance to the project contractors with the following services:

Secured Delivery

Through our large production and systematic logistics, we ensure on-time delivery and quality distribution of the products to the building site in support of completing the construction within the duration of the project.

Technical Cooperation

We also provide our technical expertise in cooperating with building engineers to recommend the right size, specifications and high-precision products and to improve the efficiency of the construction site.

On-site Support

We provide on-site practical and detailed training applications and technical information with series of measures as our system to ensure the proper construction and quality of the project.

Responsive Construction Services

With impending challenges on the site, we provide supportive construction services to the project site, making sure that we help to rectify relevant mishaps.

Starken lightweight AAC blocks are manufactured with exclusive formula and high-quality raw building materials through advance green technology. Its excellent quality and durability bring great advantages for every home owner.

Eco-friendly & Safe

Starken products are green and recyclable building materials. They create no chemical pollution, thus, not harmful to the home residents.

Energy Saving

Starken provides homes high-energy saving due to its excellent thermal insulation properties. It makes a house warm in winter and cool in summer, therefore, saving electricity.


The acrylic based finishing and water resistant coating system of Starken AAC products provide highly durable blocks making them unaffected by harsh climatic conditions and will not degrade under normal atmospheric conditions, thus, minimises the possibilities of wall cracking.

Fast Construction

The lightweight nature of Starken AAC gives it a dimensional accuracy which can easily be worked either for small or large load bearing applications.

Good Workability & Lightweight

Starken AAC can be easily sawn, cut, carved, nailed or drilled using ordinary hand tools to variety of sizes and forms. It is also about one-fifth the density of normal concrete blocks making it easily lifted and quickly laid.